Carla Fishing Charters

Carla Fishing Charters – the best fishing boat near you!

Who caught 2 Wahoo, 1 Mahi Mahi, and 1 Barracuda on the deep-sea fishing trip off Aruba’s coast? Almost every family and group of friends that have booked with Fishing Charters Aruba had their hands-on big fish and a lifetime of experience on waters. Carla Fishing Charters – the best fishing boat near you!

The question is, have you?

Warm, sultry Aruban air and turquoise-colored water is a match made in the heavens, and you can find some of the tastiest fishes in there. How come you have kept yourself away from an adventure so pure for so long?

Add this venture to your bucket list now to experience a maxed-out thrill while fishing some of the amazing fish species in Aruba. Or, if you are planning a day out with friends, join Fishing Charters Aruba on a half-day or a full-day trip to the breath-taking excursions to the Caribbean Sea and feel the breeze yourself.

What makes Fishing Charters Aruba the best?

Here is your answer: the 31ft-Bertram that we named Carla, the hospitality, and our Captain Juan Carlos Ponson.

Yes, blend of all the right things in one place!

Carla, one of the best deep-sea fishing charters on the list, takes you on private 4, 6, and 8 hour-long expeditions around the Aruban seas.
With space enough to hold six people, a nice sunshade, a restroom, and 2 fishing fighting chairs, it has everything you need to catch and celebrate fish onboard.

You can have sodas, water, snacks, baits, and snorkels, all in a trip with Fishing Charters Aruba. A first mate will always be by your side to assist you in fishing. And the biggest perk when fishing with Carla Fishing Charters Aruba is that you can design your trip. You can choose to stay around the harbor or move to the rougher oceans. You can troll, drift fish, or bottom fish; it’s all up to you.

It’s your voyage; enjoy it your way!

Also, Carla has the best crew that you can stumble upon because they speak English, Dutch, Spanish, and Papiamento confidently, so you can communicate anything.
We will also clean and fillet your fish so that you can have your hard-earned Bonito, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, or Tunas for lunch/dinner right away.

We have everything to make your time in Oranjestad the best time of your life.
Book your trip now, gear up for the coziest adventure of your life that you can make a tale out of.

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